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With us, live in the future right at home.

One switch home automation company brings to you all the top quality smart home gadgets and other smart products whichever you can possibly think of, within the industry, as one stop solution. Presenting you with your one switch to control your house and appliances effortlessly using your fingertips from anywhere around the world with assured safety and security.

With the pride of being Indian, One Switch forwards to you nothing but the best quality and high-end smart home gadgets and other smart products assembled right here in India.

From basic installations of automation control (by means of retrofit modules) to existing switch boards at home with connections to the chosen unit of appliances to completely upgrading and transformation into new and modern touch sensitive smart panels.

With us, live in the future right at home.

Seamlessly automate any of your existing basic home appliances such as lights, fans etc. You could also choose to install some cutting edge new appliances brought to you which includes technologies like motion sensors, entrance gate automation, lights brightness controls, curtain controls, video surveillance included calling bell and many more.



With us, live in the future right at home.

All of this right from your smartphone. You can also use the Alexa voice command to control the same.
We at one switch, provide you only the best of quality product line and so we also confirm a guaranteed assurance of warranty for unreal period of duration.
Post installation support, maintenance and repair services are available at rates proportional to the value of installations. We bring to you a wide range of options at the most affordable prices.
How do we stand out among the competition is that, besides having about 200+ different smart products, One Switch never compromises on certain factors like The quality, warranty claims, affordability, promotional offers, after sale follow up services and other such factors 


Franchise Opportunities

One Switch offers entrepreneurs a unique plug & play business model, which includes our version of display houses for exhibiting various One Switch smart products & gadgets, Besides providing our extended 24/7 dedicated support for marketing, sales as well as operating process. 

Authorised Sales Partners

With One Switch, live in the future.

An integrated device comprising of a lightbox display fitted in with various gadget samples perpendicular to the display.
Programmed to show how each individual gadget functions oo the lightbox; displayed in respect to the commands given on the gadgets in the box of demo center. Which is also brought to the customers by our marketing partners who would attain these devices on commission per sale basis.

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