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Our Vision

At One Switch, we dream big — envisioning a future where every home in India pulses with the magic of smart automation. Our mission goes beyond innovation; it's about pioneering the next big wave in the business sectors of India

Join the Ai-Revolution

In the Era of ChatGPT and Artificial intelligence, Imagine being at the forefront of a revolution that is not just reshaping homes but redefining industries. Smart home automation isn't just a product; it's the heartbeat of the future, and the opportunities it brings are boundless

SmartHome Business

We invite you to join us in this extraordinary journey. As the demand for smart homes rises across India, we see not just a market but a canvas for entrepreneurs and visionaries. The One Switch business opportunities are not just a chance; they are the key to unlocking a future where technology meets aspiration.

Our Goal

Be inspired, be motivated, and be the pioneer of change. The magic of One Switch isn't just in the products; it's in the limitless possibilities it opens for you. Seize the moment, embrace the future, and let's together embark on a journey of transforming every home in India.

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Construction Company

Empower your construction projects with One Switch’s magical smart home solutions. Enhance the value and appeal of your builds.

Architects and Interior Designers

Integrate seamless automation into your designs with One Switch. Elevate the lifestyle experience for your clients and enhance your value with our innovative solutions.


Expand your services and make extra income everyday by incorporating One Switch’s magic into your client’s homes. Stay ahead in the industry by becoming One Switch technician with our reliable and user-friendly products

Retail Shops

Transform your retail space into a cutting-edge shopping experience. One Switch smart home automation is perfect for mobile shops, home furnishings, electronics, electricals, fancy stores, and other home needs stores. Boost your sales and provide a unique shopping experience.


Join our network of authorized dealers at One Switch. Benefit from exclusive deals, training, and support to grow your business.


Become a part of the One Switch family. Explore the opportunities and advantages of franchising with us.

Whitelabel Services

Customize One Switch’s magic with your own brand. Offer your customers with wide range of smart home solutions tailored by leveraging our expertise. MOQ on our SmartHome Products and Gadgets starts from as low as just 100 units. Grab the added advantage by providing your customers with warranties on our behalf.

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