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One Switch Home Automation Solutions provides Safety, Security, Comfort, Entertainment, Energy Efficiency, Luxury and above all, enormous Convenience for the users to enhance their living experience in apartments and villas. Apart from the mobile app, One Switch products can be controlled absolutely effortless just by using simple Voice Commands, powered by Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Our products are known for energy efficiency that initiates ZERO energy waste.

We provide a unique Building Management System(BMS) that enables us productive management of residential or even commercial buildings and campuses in the most efficient way possible. Any One Switch product can be installed under 10 minutes unconditionally. No Re-Wiring nor any Hub is required to convert any regular home into a Smart Home. Install magic to your home. 


Our Energy Efficiency Technologies reduces energy consumption by sensing motion to turn ON/OFF any electrical or IR enabled device.


Our software technology offers a scalable, centralized management system for buildings and campuses to control, sense and monitor any electrical devices or sensors within them via our IoT nodes, sensors and gateways.


Our software supports Enterprise Infrastructure and Facility Management through a number of features including service requests management , QR code asset tagging and retrieval, Asset and Property Data management.

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