Wooden Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charger

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Material: Wood / Plastic
Color Option : Wooden
function: clock, date, alarm and temperature function.
Power supply voltage: working voltage of USB line
5V, AAA battery (Not Included)
Working voltage: 3V
Input: 5V = 2A 9V = 1.67A
Output: 5V = 1A 9V = 1.2A
Charging frequency: 110khz-205khz
Standby power consumption: < 0.2W
Receiving distance: 5-10mm
Charging efficiency: 75%
Transmitting power: 5W 10W
Product size: .69×2.8×3.15in


The Wooden Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charger Phone
Charger is the perfect accessory for your phone.It’s a multi-function
digital alarm clock that displays time, date, temperature, and humidity
with bright and clear LED lights. It displays time in both 12-hour and
24-hour format and allows you to set up
alarms in few-minute intervals. With its Qi wireless charging feature,
you can simply place your phone on top of the clock and it will start
charging automatically. Designed for simplicity and elegance, this alarm
clock is made premium quality fiberboard, adjustable LED backlight
display, and fits perfectly in any modern furniture.
1.Light up the screen by clapping your hands or creating any sound
louder than 60dBm
2.Display time, date, temperature in both Celsius & Fahrenheit, and
humidity w/ bright LED lights
3.Replace the snooze function by setting up to 3 alarms in few-minute
4.Place your phone on top of the clock to start charging automatically


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