WiFi Water Valve Controller

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The size of Pipe support: DN15, DN20, DN25,
maybe some DN30.(the bracket can’t fit at some
DN30 valves which is too high) Adjust the bracket
manually to fit your pipe!
Operating environment:-10°C—50°C (Note: the pipe
can’t freeze)
WiFi Water Smart Valve Controller Power voltage:
Smart Water Valve Power:5W
Power consuming: ≤0.3W
WiFi Water Valve Radio protocol: WiFi 2.4GH
Wireless Water Valve pressure: 1.6MP
Smart Valve pressure: 1.6MP
Time off wifi valve auto: 5-10 seconds
Time off wifi valve electric: 5-10 seconds
Water water smart valve wifi Torque: 40kgf.cm
Compatible: with Amazon Alexa and Google


[Mobile phone APP Okos Smart remote control, you can shut or open
the valve automatically far away from home. Make life more convenient
and save time.
[Compatible with water pipe ball valves, electric, manual control
switches, and natural/liquid/tap gas, suitable for controlling water
valves, natural gas valves, filling pools, farm watering plants.
[The Wi-Fi smart valve compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google
Home Assistant, allows you shut-off/on your water valve via your
[Set timers to automatically open or close the valve. Applicable to new
and old gas water pipeline valves, no additional piping, users can install
it themselves.
[In order to prevent power outages caused by the inability to use,there is
a manual clutch at the bottom of the unit with a pull ring, which allows
to move the lever to close or open the valve


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