Smart Sanitizer Dispenser

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Production item:NO.:01
Product net weight:226G
Gross weight:716G
Product size:173*108*254mm
Main materials:ABS
Rated voltage:6V
Executive standard:GB4706-1
Color:blue color +Transparent box
Size173* 108 * 254mm
Rated voltage:6V


1.Name: Alcohol Hand Washing Machine
2.Material:ABS anti bacteria .shell
3.Feature nice design /Eco-friendly/Economic material benefit
4.Application: home /office/hotel /public /meeting room ect.
5.Type:Hand Sanitizer Pocket Bag Holder
6.Alcohol hand washing machine 75 ° alcohol Antibacterial Prevent
cross infection Antibacterial skin cleansing, killing bacteria Protect your
health.Available anytime, anywhere
7.25 ° elevation nozzle Water droplets do not stick to the machine wall
Reduce cleaning troubles, easy disinfection, effortless hand washing
8.Smart sensor.75 ° Alcohol effective bacteriostatic / no 9.Noise less
than or equal to 40dB.Available anytime, anywhere


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