One Switch Smart(Wi-Fi) Motion Sensor


Automatically set scenes and control connected lights and accessories via your presence. Stay informed by receiving notifications when movement is detected, courtesy of your home hub (Apple TV, HomePod, HomePod mini) it has Unparalleled ease of use and advanced security, get up and running in a flash with quick & easy setup and no need for a bridge or gateway, now Enjoy the highest data privacy: no Eve cloud, no registration, no profiling


Monitor your home from anywhere and receive instant notifications when motion is detected in a space where there should be no one. Perfect for your cabin, second home or your main home if you’re away all day.





NO HUB REQUIRED, Control all your smart devices using just your smartphone with the free one switch App. Simply download the app, connect to your home Wi-Fi, and sync your smart motion detector. Connect using the 2.4 GHz network connection and then go back to your 5 GHz connection if that works better for your home.


Advanced Motion Detection


 Can detect motion up to 19 feet (6 metres), so you’ll be notified quickly in the one switch App when movement is detected. Completely hands-free and smart operation of your connected lights. You can set this switch to automatically turn on the light when motion is detected and turn it off after a preset time. Ideal for areas such as bedrooms, hallways and restrooms where hands-free operation is ideal.


Dimming and Smart Mode:


Smart ambient light detection will sense daylight and prevent lights from turning on during the day.  Set different light triggers and brightness levels based on your routine for effortless control. Adjust the brightness of your lights from 1% – to 100%.

Voice & App Control




Manage your device with voice commands via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Hands-free operation of your lights from anywhere through the free one switch app. Automatically turns devices on and off at different times to give the appearance that someone is home.


Trusted & Reliable


UL certified, meaning rigorous testing has been done for safety and certified by a third-party laboratory. Supports incandescent bulbs up to 300W or dimmable LED bulbs up to 150W. Includes our industry-leading 2-year warranty. 




 We try our best to gain customers’ satisfaction. And customer satisfaction is our priority and we provide a 24-hour online response, and effective communication is what is promised to you. We provide a 30 days replacement or risk-free refund for this product. If you are unsatisfied with our products or service, just feel free to contact us.


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