One Switch Bluetooth Gateway


Enjoy comfortability with just a finger touch!

Having many home appliances is the goal. Controlling them all at once can be discouraging. You walk around the house just to either tum them on or off. You start asking yourself why you need all these appliances. Going round to do these is very tiring and exhausting. If you suddenly remember that you haven’t turned off one or two appliances, you get frustrated.

Be rest assured!

There is one way to do all these with just a touch. With just one touch, you can control your home from your bedroom. You don’t need to go around. You only need to just stay in bed and do the normal routine. With one switch Bluetooth gateway, you get to control all your home appliances at your convenience.  No walking around anymore.



The switch Bluetooth getaway is designed for all home appliances. You can control up to 100 available home devices with one control. It controls as many devices as you can get.


It performs many functions like brightness control of a room, tv, DVD, turning on or off the air conditioner, electric fireplace, satellite box, opening your curtain, etc. With one switch Bluetooth getaway, you can control through one switch app on your phone.


It has a 4-inch HD LCD for a clearer viewing experience. It has a multi-touch function which helps for better navigation. It has features like time, date, weather station, and temperature.


With its layer of capacitors, you can touch a feature with your finger. This action sends a signal to the processor. It uses wifi or Bluetooth. You don’t need a second party to handle or navigate



Buy our one switch Bluetooth gateway. We try our best to gain customers’ satisfaction. And customer satisfaction is our priority and we provide a 24-hour online response, and effective communication is what is promised to you. We provide a 30 days replacement or risk-free refund for this product. If you are unsatisfied with our products or service, just feel free to contact us.


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