Hotel Room Outdoor Touch Switch DND Doorbell System

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Hotel Outdoor and Indoor Dry Contact Room Status DND MUR Bell door plates with whole system
1: You can customize the function of DND, MUR, Laudry, Door Bell and Room Number. Just choose the functions you need.
2: Different colors of outer surface for choice.
3: Personalized wording/logo/icon/backlight/layout can be customized.
4: Easy Standard 86*86CM for installation.
Different function combination:
1: Outdoor(DND +MUR+doorbell+ Room No.) + indoor(DND+MUR) + Bell
2: Outdoor(DND +MUR+doorbell+Room No. + Please Wait) + indoor(DND+MUR+ Please Wait) + Bell
3: Outdoor(DND +MUR+ Laudry+ Room No. + Please Wait) +indoor(DND+MUR+ Please Wait + Laudry)
4: Outdoor(DND +MUR+ Laudry+ Room No. + Check in) + indoor(DND+MUR+ Check in + Laudry)


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