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Product Dimensions-34.5×34.5×34.5mm
Max Movement:12m
stall Torque:2.0kgf-cm
Wireless protocol:BLE4.2
Battery_type:CR2 3.0V
package Content: Fingerbot X 1,3m tape X 2


1.High Compatibility: Perform excellently on any type of button with
the device itself. It works on the rocker switch and toggle switch with
the Fingerbot Toolpack. Select press/switch/program mode in the app
and automatically trigger your button at anytime you want.
2.Easy to install and set up: Use Bluetooth to link Fingerbot with your
phone. Then tape the Fingerbot with a 3M sticker next to the
button/switch you want to control.
3.Connect Wi-Fi :With the help of Adaprox HomeHub(only support
2.4GHz Wi-Fi). You can control the Fingerbot from anywhere in the
world as long as there’s an internet connection. And it supports voice
control from Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri.
4.Timer/Schedule: Set a countdown or weekly schedule to trigger the
Fingerbot. Free your workforce when you are busy, away from the
phone, or while you are asleep.


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