Drawer Fingerprint Lock (No App)

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Unlock Mode- Fingerprint
Battery Mode: 4x AAA Batteries
Batteries Included:No
Battery Standby: 1 year
Added Features- Micro-USB port for power in case of
drained/dead battery
Comes with master key(pendrive) for emergency open


1.Keyless Design: Unlock the padlock by using your fingerprint! Easy
To Use: Simply put lock in setup mode by pressing the reset button with
pin and then scan the desired fingerprint 5 times consecutively.
2.Multiple Fingerprints on one lock: The lock can be used with upto 10
different fingerprints at the same time.
3.Assign Users: Store up to 10 fingerprints per lock.
Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor- The Okos Smart lock works on
Capacitive Touch and opens the lock within 1 second of fingerprint
4.Emergency Power: In case of battery drain you can get access to the
lock by connecting a powerbank to emergency power port


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