1Gang Dimmer Module

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Product type:1Gang /2Gang Wi-Fi Dimmer Module
Voltage:-220V -240AC Max.
Load:LED (150W) Operation
Frequency:2.412GHz-2.484GHz (AC120V 80W)
Operation Temp.-10℃ + 40℃
Dimension: (WxDxH) 46×46.2×18 mm
IP Rating:IP20


1.APP Remote Control: Support Smart Life/Okos APP on Android /
IOS, allowing for full control of your lights or compatible appliances.
You can share to your families to control together.
2.0%-100% Dimmable: Compatible with Amazon Echo and Google
Assistant for voice control to adjust the brightness, and you can also
adjust the brightness via mobile phone.
3Timer Function: Set the Brightness for the Preset Time, creating the
specific scedule and brightness level on smart scene mode for any
occasions throughout the day.


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