10 AMP Smart Plug


Control and dim your home lights from anywhere. Only need Wi-Fi. No Hub or subscription is required!

Control lights, fans, lamps, humidifiers, and any other appliances or electronics that plug into 120V outlets with a 10AMP smart plug, conveniently from your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home Assistant.


This wifi 10Amp Smart plug is with capacitive touch control, turn on/off your light with a single touch. New design with scratch resistance glass panel, gives the best look to blend with any wall design. This wifi 10 Amp Smart plug is Compatible with Amazon Alexa (Echo/Dot/Tap), Google Assistant, and IFTTT to turn your lights on or off with your voice. No Hub Required. Set the switch button icon and name on the one switch app, Synchronise to switch automatically.Easy to find out the right light and control it. Replace the traditional switch which uses a sticker to identify the button.


To save energy, the switch turns to standby mode automatically with the screen light dimmed to the setting level. You can check real-time power consumption and summarise power consumption. This 10Amp Smart plug has LCD Touch Screen Functionality, The Smart Switch can be used as either one of 4 different switches.






For this 10Amp smart plug, you can create a group in the one switch App, so you can turn on/off all the lights in the same group at the same time, And support control of one device via many phones, you can share your smart switch to your family members. Control the Smart Home Switch through your voice with Google Home, Alexa Echo and Siri.





Stop worrying when you forget to turn your lights on or off, Now you can turn on and off the lights of your room with a timer or schedule in this 10Amp Smart plug, You could set the countdown to turn on/off your lights or schedule the smart light switch to control your lights as you needed. There are options to choose single, repeat, countdown or loop timer,  you can choose single for once, repeat for more than one time, countdown or loop timer so that you need not worry about the lights of your home select the time once.





This 10Amp Smart plug is Easy to install. For installation Neutral wire is requistandard all-all plate sizes. No need to understand complex switch, you can easily install them step by step, Easy to find the right light and control it.  Replace the traditional switch which uses stickers to identify buttons, the best choice for luxury villas, hotels and Business buildings.




Get rid of the old fashioned designed switches, This 10Amp Smart plug is with capacitive touch control, turn on/off your light with a single touch. It is now in a new design that gives the best look to blend with any wall design. And makes your room’s wall look stylish and decent according to the present era.




Make your home smart with this 10 Amp Smart plug. We try our best to gain customers’ satisfaction. And customer satisfaction is our priority and we provide a 24-hour online response, and effective communication is what is promised to you. We provide a 30 days replacement or risk-free refund for this product. If you are unsatisfied with our products or service, just feel free to reach out!


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