Building Management System

Building Management System (BMS)

One Switch BMS (or Building Automation System, BAS) solution is aimed at providing smart automation for the building enabling the monitoring of various sensors of the buildings to make them safer, more secure and to provide both control and monitoring of the electrical assets of the building to improve the building operations, essentially transforming the building into a Smart Building.
One Switch’s Building Management System (BMSl is a solution that provides a single point of control and monitoring fOl the building. This access to the sensors and assets of the building is provided through One Switch Kiosks or Smart Apps for practically everything in a building or campus – ranging from safety/security sensors to water tank level sensors. STP, energy meters, control of lighting, pumps and more. Third-party equipment utilized in buildings, such as lifts (elevators) can also be integrated into this BMS system allowing it to serve as a single point for all monitoring and control of the building or campus. The Building Management System from One Switch also provides additional Facility Management (FM) features such as Preventive
Maintenance (PM) Scheduling, Asset Maintenance Hist, Service & Help desk features, Reservation capabilities, and more that collectively enable better management of Assets and Property. The BMS system therefore enables cost-effective operations of the building by improving the productivity of the facility staff while increasing the responsiveness to the needs of building occupants


Building Emergency System

One Switch Building Management System (BMS) records every emergency event received from sensors such as smoke, gas leak and door-intrusion sensors that are installed in the building. It sends notification on One Switch mobile App, emails and SMS to all relevant parties. It allows quick review of Camera feeds to ascertain the situation and enables emergency communication to all affected parties to facilitate quick reactions.

Perimeter Security

One One Switch offers perimeter security using laser beam and ultrasound beam hardware. These perimeters are monitored via the One Switch BMS system can provide notifications when these beams are disrupted. It also allows association of correct camera feeds to ascertain the situation.

Building Video Door Phones(VDP)

One Switch VDP’s operate from the lobby to individual apartments to facilitate entry of guests. Individual VDP units can also be located outside each apartment door if required. The notification from VDP and door bells can be received on indoor panels and on Smart Apps. Automated door lock is an option that is offered to occupants and its operation can be integrated with the VDP to provide convenience of remote door unlock.


Most latest technology which has advanced features like Human-Shape detection, intruder alert/alarm systems are used in the building which can be integrated into the One Switch BMS to provide contextual visual feed of zones being monitored. The BMS links these camera feeds to zones and in the event of an emergency, the specific camera feeds can be quickly reviewed. These camera feeds can also be accessed via Smart Apps.



Control & Monitor not just the rooms but also the electronic devices or even valves which are present in the building or even the campus from anywhere around the world right from your smart phone


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